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Monday, June 29, 2009

Free Speech in Danger

Dear Friends,
Earlier this week, the Senate held an important hearing on the so-called hate crimes legislation that grants special protections based on sexual orientation and "gender identity" (without clearly defining those terms). Our research staff and the overwhelming majority of family policy organizations are convinced that this bill is a serious threat to our religious liberties.
In fact, this bill could impact your pastor's freedom of speech to preach the biblical view of homosexuality. Even though the bill does not specifically target pastors, combining it with the existing "inducement" statute could result in a pastor being charged if an individual commits a violent crime against a homosexual after hearing a sermon about God's view of sexuality. Wouldn't you agree that protecting our precious freedoms of speech and religion are more important than ever?
To learn more about how "hate crimes" legislation threatens religious liberties, watch our special online video.

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